Complete PCT Gear Review

After being off trail for a few weeks, I finally found time to sit down and evaluate the gear I took with me on my thru-hike. Not surprisingly, there were many things I found I could do without while I was out on the trail. Being a newbie to backpacking and someone who learns best…

PCT Gear List Spreadsheet Screenshot

My PCT Gear List, Part I: The Big 3

With less than a month to go before I hit the trail, it’s really, truly crunch-time for getting all of the things done like finalizing and fine-tuning my hiking plan; organizing, packing, and labeling all of my resupply boxes; whittling down my gear list to the true essentials and finally making my last agonizing purchase decisions;…

The trusty turtle blaze of the Sheltowee Trace

Sheltowee Trace Hiking Challenge – Section 3

As part of my preparation and training for my PCT thru-hike this year, I have spent a couple of weekends backpacking on the Sheltowee Trace Trail. The Sheltowee Trace Trail is a National Recreation Trail beginning in Big South Fork, Tennessee, and stretching 319 miles to its northern terminus in Rowan County, Kentucky. Most of the…

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