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Last sunrise in California

Happy New Year / More or Less

A dense fog rolled in this morning and still hangs heavy, lingers thick and white in the morning air. The ground was dry and bare, yet as I walked my dogs down the street this morning, I experienced a little of that peculiar peace and quiet you feel after a fresh snowfall. In most ways, it was a…


The Thing About Thru-Hiking

The thing about thru-hiking is…you’ll hear about people who do this thing, this crazy thing, taking time out of their lives to hike thousands of miles in the wilderness, and you’ll think YES. That. I want to do that. You’ll keep it a secret for a while, finding a few hours here or there to…


Photo Gallery: Best of Washington

Last, but not least, here are my favorite photos from the rugged and wonderful state of Washington. I thought the trail could not possibly get any more beautiful than the Sierra…until I entered the Goat Rocks Wilderness. Although Washington challenged hikers perhaps more than any other section, we were rewarded with some of the most…

Walking underneath Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek PCT alternate

Photo Gallery: Best of Oregon

These are my favorite photos from Oregon, a promised land of sorts for weary thru-hikers who have just spent 3 months in California. We sped through the entire state in 17 days, but still managed to catch some beautiful sights along the way. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view as a slideshow….

Marble Mountain Wilderness

Photo Gallery: Best of Northern California

Northern California, though not as spectacular or dramatic as the granite peaks of the High Sierra, still gifted thru-hikers with plenty of beautiful sights and scenery. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view as a slideshow. Visit my Facebook page to see all of my favorite photos from Northern California. See all of my…


Complete PCT Gear Review

After being off trail for a few weeks, I finally found time to sit down and evaluate the gear I took with me on my thru-hike. Not surprisingly, there were many things I found I could do without while I was out on the trail. Being a newbie to backpacking and someone who learns best…

Descending down to another beautiful valley

Photo Gallery: Best of the Sierra

No photos can fully capture the awe-inspiring experience of trekking through the Sierra Nevada mountains; nevertheless I, along with my fellow hikers, could hardly put our phones/cameras away before whipping them back out to try to capture the majestic views around every corner. It was just as difficult to narrow the photos down to a few…

Dreamcatcher at the PCT Northern Terminus

Day 139: CANADA!!!

Start: Hart’s Pass (PCT mile 2619.5) End: Castle Creek (PCT mile 2650.4) Miles: 30.8 We had a plan when we woke up before dawn in the Hart’s Pass campground – 27 miles today, then 3.7 miles to the monument tomorrow, plus the last nine miles from the monument to the road at Manning Park. But,…

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